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6 Awesome Hacks for saving on your Wedding Budget.

Indian weddings are usually larger than life affairs. We do not want to compromise on any of the grandeur . Here i have listed some of the hacks that will bring down the costs of your wedding keeping the quality high.

Have an off season wedding. Everyone loves a winter wedding.   But having an off season wedding gets you everything at a much lower cost.  From venues to catering everything comes much cheaper. 

Venue selectionLook for venues where you dont have to use the in house vendors which are usually more expensive.Booking an open ground as your venue instead of a 5 star or a palace will reduce the tax costs. Try and book a farm house or a community hall and hire a good decorator instead. That will save you a lot.

PhotographyRenowned photographers are expensive. Try hiring freshers or freelancers instead. Review their work and ask for recomendations .Or hire a photography student who will do a better job for less.

Wedding attireThe wedding gown absolutely has no use after the wedding.…
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Bridal Entry Ideas

Here are some bridal entry ideas for you.

Let the Bride enter with her own style statement.

A well decorated palki has and always be in fashion. Just throw in some flowers and make a royal entry.

Be Yourself. Make a entry on bike or scooter .After all Why should the groom have all the fun ? ;-)

Entry on boat. The romantic way ..

If you feel a flower chadar is old fashioned go for a chadar with lights.

Want to get more creative with your Bridal or Groom entry feel free to give us a call . We love to get creative. 

wedding at vedic

We are grateful to the bride Soumi who put all her trust in us and let us decor the event freely.
And we were looking to experiment . Here is the final result for you.

 The stage was done with bougainvillea flowers , simple yet unique design just the way she wanted it .

followed by a gaudy mandap.

and the buffet area .

Mehndi in Indian Weddings 
The mehendi ceremony is one of the most important and fun-filled pre-wedding ceremonies in Northern India. Apart from the fun it imparts, it has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. The Mehndi ki Raat is just before the wedding day. Mehndi is put on the hands of the hands and feet of the Indian bride by a family member or mehendi expert. Bride’s friends, sisters and other ladies present in the house also apply mehendi. This ceremony entails an elaborate design, which takes a couple of hours for applying over the hands and feet of the bride.
Simple mehndi decor ideas
Twinkle lights , Lots of Marigold And some colourful drapes will be the perfect to liven up your mehndi rasam at almost no extra expense at all. Put in some candles and throw some bright colourful cushions to make the comfortable Zone. 



India has a variety of traditional beverages to offer which are as popular as the cuisine. Ranging from hot to cold, tangy to sweet the options are plenty! Tastefully created, most of these beverages have medicinal values and the recipes are deep rooted. Some of the beverages are specific to particular regions and their origin has been influenced by the culture of the region. Give your guests a true taste of Indian culture by including some of these beverages on your Indian wedding menu!

The chai ‘dhabba'- Chai in and Indian heart has a special corner. From romance to important discussion, everything is accompanied by chai. So how can you forget to include this special drink in your wedding?You can have a special tea counter with Indian variants such as ginger, lemon, mint, masala tea, honey flavoured green tea. Add some Kashmiri touch by including Kahwa on the list!

Coffee- You would not want coffee-lovers to sulk while your tea-loving guests sip delic…

An Appointment with the Marriage Registrar

An Appointment with the Marriage Registrar
Not to burst your pre-wedding bubble, but truer words were never spoken. As the wedding bells ring closer and closer, our to-be-wed belles and beaus get so busy with their vibrant religious and cultural jubilations that they often tend to brush off, or altogether avoid, the oh-so-boring legal formality that comes with it. Here’s why it shouldn’t be given the step treatment.

It’s important! t’s a wedding cakewalk The procedure to register is surprisingly simple, even for all the legal dummies out there. There are two ways to seal the deal in India, depending on your religion: the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act. The Hindu Marriage Act The Special Marriage Act As the names suggests, both partners have to be Hindus in order to register under the Hindu Marriage Act. This Act, however, is a bit old school; it only allows you to register your marriage and not solemnize it. It sets a minimum age limit of 21 years for the groom and 18 yea…


I am in awe of our wedding photographer . Simply love his shots . Courtesy to Anupam ,here are some of his best shots that the brides loved.

This is a classic shot and a must have in every bengali wedding.

Pre - wedding shoots and The proposal is gaining popularity very fast.

Its your wedding and you would like to remember the dressing up affair too.

Some concepts that for me are a must-have s .